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Karl Keener

In addition to being a certified Notary Public in the state of Oregon, I am a Loan Signing Agent, certified by both LSS and NNA. My first professional career, beginning in the 1970s, was as an attorney (in California, where I maintain my license). For thirty years, I specialized in the defense of architects and engineers; real estate agents and brokers; and doctors and lawyers—and as such, I’m comfortable dealing with a wide range of professionals and egos. My legal practice also included contract negotiations and dispute resolution; commercial and residential real estate litigation; and corporate and personal injury lawsuits. In 1986, I and two of my partners formed the new law firm of Baker, Silberberg & Keener (now Baker, Keener & Nahra); I was managing partner of that firm for the first fifteen years of its existence.

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Through my extensive experience as an attorney and my LSS and NNA training, I recognize the importance of ensuring that all relevant forms are completed accurately and correctly and returned as soon as possible. Because this process can be confusing and complex (not to mention written in legalese, a language foreign to most civilians), many people need help navigating the minutiae. That’s where I come in: I can guide you, competently and with good humor, through the process. Not only do I speak lawyer, I have a highly organized work ethic and am driven to succeed. Clients can count on my thoroughness, dependability, and responsiveness; furthermore, I am always on time to appointments, and will accept signings at any time. While I live in Portland, Oregon, I’m willing to travel an hour outside of the metropolitan area (or farther, within reason) in order to complete signings. In short, my qualifications are unimpeachable, and I want to help you.

In my spare time, I volunteer as much as twenty hours per week at the Oregon Humane Society as a dog walker, classroom trainer, and new-volunteer mentor.

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